Why Use A Local Independent Kitchen Company?
The Kitchen Studio Of Devons showroom in Exmouth
The Kitchen Studio Of Devons showroom in Exmouth

With so many high street chains and big designer names, it’s difficult to know whether using an independent business is the right choice. Can you get a better deal elsewhere or perhaps better service? The truth is that if you’re looking for your dream kitchen, you can’t beat using an independent business. You get care and attention from an independent company that you just can’t get from a huge brand.

Build Relationships

One of the risks of dealing with a chain company is that you end up dealing with a different person every time you get in touch with them. The person might have a record of your previous contact but, not only do they not know you personally, it’s probably not possible for them to get to know you. They deal with too many people in a day or a week, and they don’t have time to build real relationships. When you work with an independent business, you can be sure that you see and speak to the same people every time. You can build real working relationships and be sure that the person you communicate with isn’t a stranger.

Get The Personal Touch

Big businesses can feel like they have a certain soullessness about them. Even when they try to be warm and friendly through their branding, you know that it’s harder for them to offer a genuinely personal service. When you choose an independent company, you can guarantee a personal touch. You know you’re working with people who care about their clients’ wants and needs,
also, will do everything they can to fulfil them.

Share Values

Corporate values are relatively standard for any company. However, how sure are you that any household name is capable of following through on the benefits they espouse? When you work with an independent company, you know that their values aren’t just corporate. They’re also family values and individual values. Smaller businesses are more likely to hold themselves accountable. For example, you can guarantee that our made-to-order kitchens are designed and manufactured in Britain. We recommend local fitters, supporting local business. You can find a company that shares your values and will uphold them.

Here we have the lovely team at The Kitchen Studio Of Devon


All of these benefits help you to build trust in independent businesses. It’s easier to trust a company when they’re open about who they are, and they’re not a faceless brand. There’s also a comfort in the aspect of the business, reassuring you that it’s unlikely that any sudden changes will take place. If you want to use them again or recommend them to someone else, the product and service aren’t going to be radically different. In fact, many people choose a family business based on a recommendation from a friend or family member whom they trust.

An independent business delivers service with a personal touch. The Kitchen Studio Of Devon guarantees a relaxed and memorable experience to all our clients. Contact Us today for your FREE design and Quotation 

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